Balancing Business & Wellness: Q&A with International Entrepreneur Superstar, Elaine Rau


Former National Wedding Sales Manager, Elaine Rau lost her brother-in-law, her job, and her home all in one week. Stuck in a developing country with no job opportunities, she had to learn how to make an income online... ASAP. So she spent her last bit of savings, $12.18 to be exact, and invested in a blog domain: Since its inception, LadyBossBlogger has garnered a massive audience of 150K in under 2 years. It's a platform that helps female entrepreneurs learn how to start, grow and scale their own online businesses and blogs.

What’s your background? How did you start your career? 

I worked hard to climb the corporate ladder in the wedding industry and landed the coveted job as the National Wedding Sales Manager. My job was my life and I worked 24/7, but because I loved my job I didn't mind. However, the trajectory of my life and career completely changed after I received a phone call from my boyfriend telling me that his brother had just been murdered. 

I asked my boss if I could go attend the funeral and he said NO because it would affect sales, an answer that shocked me and proved to be a wake up call. I had to make a decision: my five-year relationship or my career... I chose my relationship and moved down to Honduras to be with my boyfriend and his family during this incredibly hard time. 

The transition proved to be harder than I had anticipated. For the first time in a long time, I didn't have a job to keep me occupied and I was completely lost. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted in life without an employer. So I decided to start a blog to learn about who I wanted to become: a Lady Boss Blogger, and that is exactly who I became.

Tell us how you cultivated LadyBossBlogger into this international brand? 

Since I grew up overseas in Taiwan, I've always been very internationally-minded. Growing up, I felt like I missed out on a lot of opportunities because we didn't live in the States. For example, we were always excluded from contests and giveaways from Scholastic Books. America was always the land of dreams and opportunities for me, which is why I decided to attend college in the U.S. and stay in the states after I graduated. 

Now that I'm in a place where I can extend opportunities, I wanted to be sure that my brand was accessible to people who lived overseas which is why I created 3 international accounts: @LadyBossBlogger.Spanish@LadyBossBlogger.Chinese, and @LadyBossBlogger.Swahili and make sure my products are available globally.

I also have internships that are available to students around the globe. I currently have two international students out of 15 interns. Apply for an internship here:

What's your top business growth tip? 
Be consistent. People love reliable people - so be that person. Ever since I started @LadyBossBlogger, I haven't failed to post a brand new blog post at 6PM CST every single day... it's been almost three years now. When you're constantly there for people, they become your followers -> turn into loyal fans -> and become customers.  It's like a mother, father or mentor who is constantly there to give advice day in and day out, eventually you'll start trusting them, turning to them more, and investing in them after they have invested in you. If you want to stay in business for a long time, you'll learn that long-term relationships is where it's at. 

I also email my list of 15,000+ at least once a week to stay connected. This is a second tip, build your email list from day 1... you won't regret it. Every single person you know probably has an email and they probably check their email at least once a day, which makes it the best way to nurture relationships and stay top-of-mind.

You have gorgeous skin? What is your background?

Aw thank you!! I'm half Chinese and half German/American - I thank my mom for giving me great skin genes, because of her I've never had a pimple in my life and have never had to use any skin care products except lotion when I'm in the States (the air is dryer here).

What's your beauty regimen? 

Elaine Rau.jpg

I like to keep it really simple - here is my five products in five minutes routine: 

1. Covergirl 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation – this foundation is so creamy and stays on all day, I simply apply it with my hands like I do lotion. 

2. Shiseido Eyebrow Felt Tip Pen And Powder – one end of the pen contains the brush, the other contains the powder. I use light strokes that mimic micro-blading then use powder to fill it in a bit more. 

3. Revlon Colorstay Felt Tip Eyeliner – it takes me just two strokes to finish my eyeliner… I’m pretty good at it hehe! 

4. Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara – I like to use curved mascara brushes that add a ton of volume. 

5. Burt’s Bees Chapstick – I rarely add color to my lips, it's too much work to maintain! 

What's your favorite beauty product?

Lotion, I literally can't live without lotion! I slather my face and entire body with it every night.

What is your favorite travel destination? 

Hands down BALI. And love going back to Taiwan to visit too. I document my travels on my personal instagram @ElaineRau. I travel to speak and will be going to Chicago, Atlanta, Taiwan, Ohio, Brazil, and Iceland this year. If you'd like to know where I'll be at, here is my schedule to follow along:

What's your go-to summer style? 

When I'm traveling or working, I like to throw on a dress from my online shop or if I'm feeling like pants, I like to wear my tropical joggers from Sudara or my elephant pants I got from Thailand and Bali paired with a tank top. 

When I'm at home in Chicago and want to go out, I like to wear bold (but modest) form-fitting dresses/skirts and six-inch heels haha! 

What's your splurge for this year? 

I really don't purchase much outside of my business tools. I finally upgraded my iPhone6S to the Samsung 10S+ over the weekend, but that was also for business (so I can take better photos) now that I'm looking to dive deep into influencer marketing for my personal brand.

What else do you have in the pipeline?

Just launched a new artistic branch to my brand called @LadyBossIllustrations. To get an illustration of yourself, you must first be interviewed on the blog - here are the details if you're interested: